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This write-up features dropshipping success story, in which Alan Tock, a Singaporean who resides and dropships from China, using AliDropship solutions, shared his experience of how he made a monthly profit of over $17,000. The secret and strategies behind his success story would be shared in this post. It is hoped that you will be inspired to try this amazing business opportunity yourself after reading the piece.

Introducing Alan Tock

Alan Tock is a Singaporean who lives in China. He was a graduate of Business Administration and Computer Information. He has been operating dropshipping business with AliExpress since October 2017 and had no previous idea of dropshipping prior to the start of the business. He learned the whole business from scratch.

Why He Chose a Career in Dropshipping

According to Alan, he developed interest in dropshipping because of the idea that he didn’t have to keep any inventories for his products.

He researched deeply into the business and came in contact with AliDropship, which offers cost effective dropshipping business model. He then decided to engage its team to start his first online dropshipping store and today, the overall story was a success.

Whenever a customer placed an order, all he needed doing was to place through AliExpress and everything will be taken care of. The product ordered would eventually be delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

Alan’s Dropshipping Stores

At present, Alan runs only one store while he was still working on the second store. He hit total sales of US $17,080.04 in the month of July 2018 alone! He carefully chose a niche that was of interest to him and which he understood very well. This contributed to the reason for his success in the dropshipping business.

Alan’s Strategy of Choosing Products

Alan chose his products from AliExpress based on their USP (unique selling point). To determine which product will sell, he usually considers these strategies:

  • Will the product satisfy the cravings of intending customers?
  • Apart from its features, are there benefits associated with the product?
  • Can customers find the product in any physical stores?
  • Is it a common product in the online market?

As at the time of writing this piece, Alan’s store contains over 100 products. He usually adds at least two new products and/or deletes old listings twice a month. The purpose of this is to ensure the availability of new product additions to customers on a regular basis. According to him, he sets his price based on the recommendation from AliDropship.

His hard work, dedication, determination and thorough product research finally paid off as the first sale after a month of starting the business was an astounding success and satisfying feeling.

How He Promoted His Dropshipping Store

Alan promoted his products via Facebook and Instagram marketing. He fully understood his audience and target and went after them. He developed a strategy of putting himself in the position of customers to enable him to know their needs and wants. When he started the business, he channeled a monthly sum of $500 on advertising and when he progressed to more steady and consistent sales, he spent $2,000 averagely per month on advertisement, marketing and promotion.

Duration of Daily Managerial Tasks

It takes him about an hour to attend to customers’ orders in the morning. His daily routine involves adding/ deleting product listings. Determination of what products sell is the most demanding task which demands a greater part of Alan’s time.

There is also a challenge of delivery time frame. He prefers choosing a product which has a shorter shipping time frame. By this, he chose the ones that offered Epacket shipping. There is a section in Alan’s product page in which customers were linked to the shipping and delivery process as well as the estimated time frame.

Relating With Difficult Clients

Alan ensured that he put his customers first and effectively communicate and relate well with every one of them, especially the difficult ones. He ensured that he attended to their queries within 24 hours. Besides, he offered after sales and support on his platform. He believed that once he made his customers happy with their shopping experience, they would come for more.

Dropshipping Business Transformed His Life

Alan’s life has been totally transformed with the launch of this business as he now has more time to spend with his family. He also received support from his relatives and friends and more importantly, he loved what he was doing. His future plan was to manufacture his own brand and supply directly to customers.

The Most Efficient Way to Dropship from China

According to Alan, the key to successfully dropship from China was to be passionate about your interest and develop a burning desire to sustain it. He linked the growth and success of his dropshipping business to the support he received from platform like Alidropship and its team.

Intending people wishing to run this business model should first develop interest and determine what best they think are the need and wants of their customers. To those who are already in the business but are still facing great challenges, Alan advised that they should neither lose hope nor give up. He urged them to stay focused, never deviate from their plans and act immediately without delay.

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